Q.Voxx CI products quickly aggregate and analyze competitor content from the VoxxVault to create a comprehensive suite of foundational competitive intelligence products. Clear and concise analytical products are designed to be downloaded and incorporated into client processes and documents.

Our premium products are based on data gathered from hundreds of global data sources. This extensive data is analyzed into clear and concise deliverables that provide an instant and current baseline understanding on all important topics within a disease area, so you can focus on taking your strategy to the next level.

Traditionally, companies contract multiple databases and primary CI vendors to continually develop and update proprietary products — a slow, expensive, and inefficient process. At Q.Voxx, we set out to build the CI “dream product,” a one-stop-shop for accurate and reliable intelligence deliverables that can be updated and maintained as an ongoing service.

Our premium analytics, covering all aspects of clinical development and commercial topics, can be purchased as a suite or as individual modules. All products are finished analytical deliverables, fully sourced and referenced, with comprehensive supporting data that’s easily accessible.