P.Voxx (formerly “PharmaVoxx”) promotional messaging database is our market-leading data product encompassing all things promotional. Search, sort, filter, and view messaging across every type of advertising and promotional content you can imagine. Download promotional pieces, highlights, or view dashboards by therapeutic area.

P.Voxx is intended for users who need to understand the messaging being directed at various audiences. Typical customers are Competitive Intelligence and Market Research Teams, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and related users such as Advertising Agencies.

The Product

The P.Voxx Database

The Database is one of the largest available collections of pharma and biotech industry advertising and promotional materials.

Items within the database include: Hard copy materials obtained from a network of physician offices, conferences, and print campaigns, as well as digital content such as online advertising, promotional messages from banner ads, social media posts, product pages, and online videos.

All of these materials are fully searchable. You can search, sort, filter, and view messaging across every type of advertising and promotional content you can imagine.

P.Voxx streamlines the collection, monitoring, and delivery of highly targeted information, saving users the time and resources necessary for advancing critical market intelligence initiatives. More than just a decision support tool, the P.Voxx database helps pharmaceutical companies make better-informed decisions that impact overall strategic marketing planning.


Dashboards are concise at-a-glance reports delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis that summarize promotional messaging activity within a disease area.

Compiled from the P.Voxx database, Dashboards deliver quantitative data on activity and qualitative analysis on key findings. Major drugs are analyzed for key messages in areas such as marketing, clinical development, and patient access, as well as relative share-of-voice (SOV). Colorful, easy-to-understand graphs display new items in circulation by drug and highlight the distribution channels used to promote them.

Dashboard users can easily identify the latest and most significant promotional tactics of key players. Recipients benefit from spending less time reviewing and summarizing competitor activity and can easily distribute findings throughout their organization.

Messaging Strategy Reviews

Messaging Strategy Reviews (MSR) are comprehensive reviews of the messaging strategy of a marketed drug. Companies benefit from a deeper understanding of their competitors’ messaging strategies in order to build and refine their own. Designed to provide insight into competitor brand positioning and messaging claims over a period of time, reports include:

  • Product positioning, including supporting messages for each target product
  • Supporting sales aids containing key claims
  • Message usage history, identifying when a key message debuts, its frequency, and length of engagement