About Voxx Vault

Voxx Vault products are proudly made by a technology company that lives and breathes lifescience data — gathering, cleaning, integrating, analyzing, and delivering actionable products to drive better engagement with customer communities.

Our decades of experience working with lifescience clients let us build excellence into every step of product creation, including:

World Class Data Collection

Voxx Vault products benefit from Voxx’s world class data aggregation capabilities. In-house data collection tools from Intuli (a sister company) let us easily pull together the vast amounts of data we need. The largest multi-national data aggregators in the industry rely on the same Intuli tools that feed Voxx products.

Superior Reliability

Voxx data is hailed for its accuracy and reliability. Our proprietary and patented automated processes let us clean, match and integrate lifescience data quickly and without human error. As the most efficient lifescience data cleaners in the industry, we create the most current and reliable data faster.

Unique Analytics

Voxx Analytics is recognized for our unique ability to comprehensively map influence across entire global scientific communities – a result of our proprietary and patented analytics. The same sophistication and experience goes into all Voxx Vault products. We understand what insights you need.

Intuitive Interfaces

Your most precious commodity is time. Delivering data efficiently is critical. Every Voxx product is delivered through a web-based visualization portal built with your needs in mind. Interact with the data intuitively to achieve your objectives easily.

We’re Here For You

As easy as our products are, we know sometimes you just don’t have enough time. Our in-house professional analysts are just a click or phone call away. Our team professionals are life scientists can help you or do the work for you, as needed.

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