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Voxx Analytics provides life science clients with Analytics, Data, and Tools that enable market-leading engagement with customer communities. Visit our main page to learn about our data-driven influence mapping and other products.

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About Voxx Vault

The Voxx Vault houses our suite of specialized data products - each one developed for a specific customer and a specific use case. Tailored visualizations let you intuitively interact with data. Analysis is built in and additional support is available so you get maximum value.


P.Voxx (formerly “PharmaVoxx”) promotional messaging database is our market-leading data product encompassing all things promotional. Search, sort, filter, and view messaging across every imaginable type of advertising and promotional content. Download promotional pieces and highlights, view dashboards by therapeutic area or gain actionable insights from in-depth Messaging Strategy Reviews.

P.Voxx lets users understand the messaging being directed at various audiences. Typical customers are Competitive Intelligence and Market Research Teams, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and related users like Advertising and Communications Agencies.

Voxx.Profiles is our bulk KOL profiling solution based on our expertise as the industry leader in KOL identification and influence mapping. Known for our data reliability and accuracy as well as our technological flexibility, Voxx can provide whatever profile fields you need in any format you want. As a Veeva Partner, we can easily format data to load directly into your CRM or other systems.

Voxx.Social is a web-based platform that allows customers to monitor, search and analyze online discussions about products or therapeutic areas. Identify trends, key voices, and online influencers; track conference activity; and gauge the impact of your own activities.

Voxx.Conferences provides access to abstracts for any conference in whatever format you like. This is the same high quality conference data that Voxx Analytics incorporates into disease community network analytics, delivered via a web-based portal or flat files.

Voxx.OnDemand provides on-demand access to whatever data you need. Just let us know what you need and we’ll apply our data harvesting tools and skills to pull it together and speed it in whatever format you like! Or use our enterprise data collection tools to build it yourself (visit www.intuli.com for information on our data harvesting tools).

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